1. Customized Dispatch for Trucks

When you join the Forsee Logistics family, our team ensures meticulous attention to your paperwork, preferences, goals, and capacity, selecting the optimal strategies to enhance your business.

2. Best Possible Rates

At Forsee Logistics, our freight dispatchers prioritize loads according to your preferences alone. Through negotiations with brokers, our team secures the most favorable rates nd schedules your trips well in advance whenever feasible.

3. End-To-End Support

If any disputes or conflicts arise with brokers, shippers, receivers, or factoring and insurance companies, Forsee Logistics is prepared to assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Best Dispatch Company with more than 5 years Experience

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What does Truck Dispatching Include

Say goodbye to the stress and annoyance of truck dispatching

Our dedicated trucking dispatch team provides unique support and is always ready to walk the extra mile for your company to thrive.

Five years of brokerage experience makes Forsee Logistics one of the market leaders. Due to our background, you completely avoid all the possible risks with our dispatch services.

Our innovative ideas and dedication have continuously boosted our clients' growth. By becoming a partner with our team, we can show you how we minimize headaches and maximize profits.

Planning is the key to success in the trucking business. Our clients choose Forsee Logistics dispatch services to feel confident about the future. Forsee Logistics dispatch service gets everything planned so that your company will run like a well-oiled machine.

Our dispatching services for trucks allow drivers to stay focused on driving only. We manage all the necessary paperwork for each load provided so that you mind your spare time.

Our dispatch service is always available, and just a phone call away solves any problem you may face.

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FAQs about Truck Dispatch

Before embarking on your journey with Forsee Logistics, you might have some questions about truck dispatch. Here, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked ones for your convenience.

Our dispatching services encompass everything from sourcing loads for fleet owners and owner operators to providing round-the-clock support and handling all necessary paperwork. We're here to secure loads for you while you focus on the road. Reach out to us, and let's get started.

At Forsee Logistics, our truck dispatchers utilize multiple load boards to diversify available freight options. Additionally, they work directly with brokers, ensuring a steady flow of daily loads.

Our pricing structure is straightforward:

  • Weekly rate: $300 for 1-4 trucks, $500 for 5-10 trucks, and $800 for over 10 trucks.
  • Per-order fee: 5% for Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, Powee Only, and StepDeck; 8% for Hotshot 

Forsee Logistics offers 24/7 dispatching services starting from 5% per load or $300 per week. Our dispatchers are dedicated to finding top-notch loads for owner operators, making us the premier choice in dispatch companies.

No, it's not necessary. Our truck dispatching services are handled remotely, allowing us to address all your queries via phone and email. There's no need for proximity; we're here to assist you wherever you are.

To kickstart your journey with us, simply follow these steps:

  1. Provide a copy of your Motor Carrier Authority (MC Authority).
  2. Submit a Certificate of Insurance reflecting $1,000,000 Liability and $100,000 Cargo coverage.
  3. Share a copy of your W-9 or IRS assigned EIN number.
  4. Furnish a Notice of Assignment from your Factoring company (if applicable).






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